FirstWord’s weekly content marketing roundup: 18 – 23 June

Old is the new… new

Even if you think you’re being original, the chances are someone has walked that path before.

This guest post by Brad Smith in Search Engine Journal looks at content marketing 100 years ago. Back then, they already had the answers and were doing a lot of what we do now.

OK, I’m sure I’ve seen some of these examples before. But the strategic comparison with today’s work is well made.

All in the mind

Applying psychology to your content marketing is the central theme of this guest post for CoSchedule.

Rather than simply pushing consumers through the funnel, this piece prompts the reader to think about emotion and desires.

Content is more than just marketing

Contently is looking at the different uses to which content is put. This includes internal communications, HR and public relations.

It claims the next step is for these departments to embrace content marketing technology.


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