Amazon Style Code Live and other stories

Amazon launches Style Code Live

The biggest content marketing news this week was Amazon’s launch of a live shopping show. Dubbed Style Code Live, it is hosted by Australian Lyndsey Rodrigues (who is a former host of MTV’s Total Request Live) and Rachel Smith of ABC News.

As you can probably guess, it is focused on clothing rather than book reviews. For more go here or to Style Code Live itself.

Coca-Cola does International Women’s Day

Unless you were alone in a tent in north-west Scotland, you will have noticed this week brought International Women’s Day. Cue brands and companies trying to shoehorn some related content.

This piece by Coca-Cola UK took the eye. Not because it was good but as a prime example of box ticking. Surely, there is more to be said about its 5by20 programme?

Trump and the credibility deficit

We have written a number of times about Donald Trump. His ability to generate headlines rather than spend millions on ads has led to him being described as a marketing genius.

FirstWord founder Adrian Michaels asks a very reasonable question. If credibility is everything, why is Trump – the man who wants to build a wall along the US border with Mexico – doing so well?

Vice’s move into TV

Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial television in the UK, has given its approval for the launch of Viceland in the UK and Ireland from later this year. Vice Media launched the 24-hour channel in the US last month. It will be available to all basic-package Sky customers.

Facebook Instant for everyone

Facebook Instant, the service that allows Facebook to publish content for mobile devices, is set to be rolled out next month. It will permit companies to push content with faster load times, with video set to be one of the major beneficiaries.

WordPress, which powers 20 per cent of the web – including this site – is providing a plugin to make it easy for those wishing to use the service. This post contains more information on how to use Instant.

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