App partnerships part of the future

One effect of the rise in adblockers has been to push marketers towards apps. You have your own platform, a captive audience and control of the rules. But the downside is that a quality mobile app can take time and money to develop.

Cosmetics brand Elizabeth Arden has discovered there are ways around this. It has signed a partnership with YouCam Makeup, a mobile app that employs facial recognition technology to let users try on make-up . The deal allows Elizabeth Arden to push people to its own retail channel.

Elizabeth Arden’s reasons for doing this are strictly content marketing related – and others in the industry can learn from the tactic. The company’s thinking is outlined in the following quote from its chief executive JuE Wong: “I believe the future for brands is to partner with app companies. Building your own thing is basically like asking people to delete your app eventually.”

In a way, it follows on the heels of brands using YouTubers to gain access to their audience. The shift away from display advertising means brands have to use their own distribution channels or work with someone else. This is a good example.


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