Apple brings sponsored content to Apple News

Last year, Apple joined the ranks of tech companies building content platforms with Apple News. The model is similar to that launched by Facebook earlier this year in the shape of its Facebook Instant application.

Now (and on the quiet) Apple is looking at introducing sponsored posts. These will appear alongside the user’s regular story feed and will retain the same look as other content – barring a ‘sponsored’ tag.

For more, see this story in Business Insider.

Currently, publishers can upload sponsored content to Apple News. However, they must label them as native content in metadata.

We have written about Apple News before. And on the one hand, it could be a solid opportunity to distribute content marketing.

On the other, it is a move on publishers and newspapers. Beware! Apple is out to divert your revenue stream.

Whether it is a good proposition for Apple News is also questionable. One of the reasons people are prepared to pay more for the company’s premium products is that they don’t (tend to) sell you information or fill your new laptop with crapware.

According to Business Insider, there is little sponsored content currently on Apple News despite around 40 million people using the service in January.

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