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Welcome to Content24. Why is it different? It’s a digest of the stories that have made an impact over the past 24 hours and not just a platform for recycled content. Today we’ve opinion from Sir Martin Sorrell, then look at Apple’s El Capitan launch and the demand for content marketing technology

Apple quietly launches El Capitan

On September 30, Apple made available for download El Capitan, the latest version of its desktop operating system. What’s surprising is the lack of information on Apple’s website – unusual for a company that has historically produced some great content marketing.

Going through Google, the best hit is a preview of the new OS dating back to June. When you eventually find the launch page, it’s a story of missed opportunities.

Apple’s El Capitan marketing pages are well put together and the explanations of new features – such as an innovative notes app and refinements to Photos and Mail – are good enough. Yet there are no videos or interactive content to demonstrate them. It’s almost as if Apple doesn’t want anybody to download it just yet…

Advertising needs a rebrand

Advertising should no longer be called advertising, said WPP chairman Sir Martin Sorrell.

Sorrell, who was speaking at the Advertising Week conference in New York, said: “We need to rename it because it encourages people to think that creativity is the preserve or reserve of that creative department, of that creative director in that so-called ad agency.

“It is not – 75 per cent of our revenues come from stuff that Don Draper wouldn’t recognise.”

Coming after the launch by WPP of content marketing agencies Truffle Pig and Colloquial, his comments seem to highlight the importance to the company of other forms of marketing communications beyond brand ads.

Other interesting points made by Sorrell include the need for agencies to continue to differentiate themselves by hiring the best talent. This is necessary to keep ahead of budget brands and disruptors like Google and Facebook. Possibly that’s true for any type of agency.

Content marketing software

We’ve written here before about companies bringing out software to help with content marketing. But now it seems there is a demand for it, according to new research. A survey by Spear Marketing Group shows that 80 per cent of US marketers agree they have an important need for such products.

Perhaps they should look again. There are plenty of analytics programs, easy-to-use CMS and workflow programs out there already. All the content marketing solutions seem to do is contain these applications in an all-in-one product. At the end of the day, if they help people produce more work more quickly, then why not.


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