Apple Pay, spending and security: who should be creating content on the subject of money

Retailers, hotel companies, restaurant owners, banks, financial advisors, credit card providers, mobile phone operators and a range of other consumer-facing businesses could use the hook of Apple’s new mobile payment service, Apple Pay, to create great content around mobile payments, security and spending money.

Your business, however large or small, may want to start accepting payments via Apple Pay when it launches in the UK next year, as well as other mobile phone payment services when they follow suit.

The top Google searches on Apple Pay this week were around security and how to use the service (they include + security, + stores, + demo and + vs Google Wallet), so content in the form of practical advice on how your mobile payments will be secure and how and where customers can use them will find an interested audience.

More broadly, spending or saving money is a subject readers and listeners don’t seem to tire of, given the number of newspaper supplements and radio programmes offering advice on mortgages, saving and investing. Stories about wildly expensive paintings, cars and London flats always grab headlines and are very likely to be shared by readers, as are money-saving tips. You can use your product, brand and associated topics to create this content on your own website and social media channels.

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