Apple Pay, spending and security: who is producing great content?

The launch of Apple Pay, the consumer electronics giant’s mobile payment service, provides an opportunity to create content around Apple Pay itself, the security of mobile payments and spending money in general. Here’s what’s already doing well online.

With its marketing budget, Apple should do a nice job of using its own site to explain its products and allay security fears around using Apple Pay – which it does on the pages devoted to the new service.

Barclays have used making donations to Children in Need as the example on the website for their PingIt money transfer service, which is a good way to make it timely and present a use for fuss-free money transfers that has a broad appeal.

Debit card provider Maestro ran a series of monthly surveys on how we spend money, covering fairly universal experiences such as the cost of being a wedding guest or the parent of a school child, which succeeded in gathering headlines as well as producing interesting content for its website.

And finally, price comparison site offers a full online treatment programme for people who find it just too easy to part with their cash, the ‘Stop Spendng!’ budgeting tool.

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