Articles by Sophy Buckley

Oiling the wheels of business

January 10, 2017

Sophy Buckley explains how FirstWord set about transcreating more than 300 articles for a non English-speaking oil and gas company A European multinational energy company [...]

Fluent in the art of communication

January 10, 2017

In the highly competitive international world of business, grammatically correct copy just doesn’t cut it. What you need is Anglo Saxon business journalism, writes Sophy [...]

Why sub-editors rule in content

November 16, 2016

Acquire a reputation for inaccuracy and you risk damaging your brand for good, writes Sophy Buckley. The fact is that great content relies on the kind of newsroom rigour that [...]

More content with content

July 16, 2016

With more web views than ever before, more by-lines in trade titles and extracts in the national press, Ben Robinson is convinced of the value of content over PR “If [...]

How Temenos distributes its content

May 16, 2016

Temenos doesn’t just rely on search engines and a monthly newsletter to drive people to its website and therefore its content. In fact it has a full strategy in place that [...]
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