Articles by Steve McGookin

Into the unknown

November 16, 2016

It is one thing to want to win. It’s another thing altogether to want the prize. But however the practicalities of the next four years in a Trump presidency play out, as [...]

Not over till it’s over

November 4, 2016

Cincinnati, Ohio: It was all over, they said; there’s no way back from here; the odds are stacked against you. No, not Donald Trump this time, but the Chicago Cubs – who [...]

Sore loser or marketing winner?

October 20, 2016

It was probably inevitable that Las Vegas would be the scene of an ill-tempered denouement to what has been the biggest show business campaign in history. While some of our [...]

Words matter

September 28, 2016

On a night like this, with hype like this, there’s probably no such thing as conventional wisdom. Especially the sort that says presidential debates don’t really change [...]

Ad mix expands as race tightens

September 7, 2016

The presidential campaign is entering the final stretch and marketing dollars take on added importance With 64 days to go to election day, this is usually the time when the [...]

Stand back …

August 16, 2016

There are two pretty fundamental rules of political crisis management: if you’re in a hole, stop digging; and if your rival is self-destructing, stand back and let them. [...]
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