Brexit blues help create new content marketing

Brexit-focused content marketing could be one, albeit less far-reaching, result of the referendum. The implications of the vote have resulted in numerous sectors being turned upside down, including pensions, tourism and housing.

Companies that understand the need to run their content marketing operation in the same way as a newsroom have been quick to respond. Here we take a quick look at what has been published over the past week and whether businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity.


Building companies are among those to take a big hit, according to the FTSE 100. In terms of content marketing, few seem to have decided to provide information or opinion. Only online estate agent aggregator Zoopla features on the first page of Google’s search results for Brexit advice. However, this page still refers to a Brexit vote to come; despite being well-constructed, it is in desperate need of a revamp.


The financial sector has long been an adherent of content marketing. Looking at the first page of Google, this piece of content that targets people looking for advice on UK pensions stood out. Titled Brexit – the Implications for UK Pension Schemes, it is long-form and comprehensive. Covering everything from employers to investments and funding, it is possibly a little too long. Sometimes in-depth subjects like this should be broken down into smaller bitesize chunks so people can reach in and pick out what they need.


With a fall in the value of the pound, the consequences of the UK’s decision is being felt by those going abroad. However, Thomas Cook seems to have been the only major holiday firm to put together any significant amount of Brexit-related content. This takes the form of a Leaving the EU: Brexit Questions section. It provides answers to a series of shorter questions such as Will the EU vote affect my holiday? and What does this mean for the price of my holiday abroad?


Reverberations of the vote are likely to continue for some time. Moreover, the term Brexit is also likely to linger, meaning those who grab that early SEO slot with their own guides will pull in a lot of traffic. The key to success is to make regular updates and keep them current. Google likes recent content – as do consumers, who know how to make a search time sensitive.

For a little trouble there is a lot to be gained including brand authority and traffic. At the same time, the field appears to be clear for a company looking to move into this area and make it its own.

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