Bring Me Sunny Delight

Following the launch earlier this month of FirstWord’s campaign to find the best and worst examples of 3D content marketing (aka statues – tweet your example to us using #plinthormiss ), we have this update from a kind contributor in Hertfordshire:

“I was on a bike ride recently and saw this statue to Eric Morecambe of Morecambe and Wise fame, who lived in Harpenden. It’s made of a thick sheet of steel, with shapes cut into it to give definition as if he’s in mid-“Bring Me Sunshine” mode.

“Before snapping this picture, I removed the bottle of Sunny Delight which someone had thoughtfully stuck through the hole in his groin. I mentioned it to a friend who also cycles on this route. ‘Oh yes,’ he said. ‘There’s always a bottle of Sunny Delight there. It doesn’t matter how often they are removed, another one always appears in a day or two’.

“Somehow I think the man himself would have laughed.”

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