Christmas and New Year content: who is creating highly ranked end-of-year content?

It’s Christmas! People have time to read and watch great content and new smartphones and tablets to use. Better still, it’s a quiet period for news organisations so there’s space to make your company’s voice heard on Twitter and Instagram feeds. These organisations are already producing well-read end-of-year content:

Social media

Spotify: The music streaming service’s review of what songs customers listened to this year and how many hours of music it provided is very highly ranked on Google, and has also enjoyed plenty of coverage from mainstream news organisations.

LinkedIn: Tapping into the reflective mood which descends at this time of year, the business social networking site has put together reviews of what people’s contacts have achieved over the year. The review comes with encouragement to congratulate them or get in touch to see how they may be able to help with new job opportunities.


 Stanford University Graduate School of Business: The highest-ranking content for ‘business year in review’ is this video address from the dean of Stanford’s business school, Garth Saloner, beating round-ups from newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal.

 The Juilliard School:  Another content hit for a prestigious US institution – the performing arts conservatoire in New York takes the number two slot in a Google search for “highlights of the year” with its picture gallery of the best moments in dance, drama, opera and music at the school.


 Caterpillar: It’s not just social media companies using their own sites to create popular content – traditional businesses can do it too, as construction equipment maker Caterpillar shows – its year in review makes it onto the first page of Google’s search results.

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