Citi targets women with content on LinkedIn

Everyone loves a list. Last week, LinkedIn worked this angle by producing a rundown of the top financial services brands for content marketing. At number one was Citi.

Something to mention first. One of the standards for the LinkedIn list was how each company’s content marketing slotted in with its LinkedIn activity. This includes employee interaction. Perhaps that’s fair enough; it’s LinkedIn’s research, after all. But maybe it’s not indicative of overall success.

This could explain why Citi’s blog is a little underwhelming at first glance. The site looks distinctly 2.0… but not in a good way.

However, clicking through, there is plenty of content that has been regularly posted. Much of this comes from Citi’s offices around the world.

Typical headlines include Generating Solar Energy in Chennai and Empowering Women Entrepreneurs, From Dhaka to Queens. Diverse, but not always the most interesting. There is a lot to be said for quantity, but it is the latter title which points to a more innovative approach.

Where Citi has excelled is in its use of LinkedIn. For a start, it set up the Connect: Professional Women’s Network in 2012. Since then, the forum has grown to almost 500,000 members. Who needs a sponsored campaign when you have access to numbers like that?

With this in mind, it is unsurprising that Citi managed to take the number one spot on LinkedIn. For further enlightenment, here is an interview with the company’s head of content on how it manages to use the platform not just to distribute content but also gain insight.

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