Content cut-through is this week’s social theme

Looking at the most popular content marketing-related stories on social media, a recurrent theme has been how to cut through competing content. It’s dog eat dog out there and companies are considering different ways to get their products in front of readers.

Planning in advance – 120 shares

Marketing agency Conductor has put out its own survey looking at attitudes and strategy. It claims around 500 B2B marketers have responded to questions on subjects such as content frequency and planning.

While not wholly surprising, there are a number of interesting findings.

  • 6 out of 10 marketers plan content in advance
  • 39 per cent repurpose older content
  • three out of five target their content
  • blogs, videos and white papers are the media of choice
  • 62 per cent of content marketers rate themselves “good” or “excellent” at SEO
  • 36 per cent monitor the competition

The point about reworking older content is possibly the most noteworthy – especially when research indicates that so much of it goes to waste.

Too much B2B content += more content – 453 shares

This blog post also looks at content quantity and how to make your own efforts stand above the fray. Interestingly, it does not focus on distribution but data usage, quality and – yes, you guessed it – frequency. The more content the better. Counter-intuitive as this might seem, creating regular content is proven to work.

The old argument – 114 shares

Every now and again, someone asks the question: what is the difference between native advertising and content marketing? Looked at from the client’s perspective and the end result, they are very closely aligned. But from the marketer’s point of view, they are different beasts.

This article poses the same question and comes up with a fairly succinct definition, which we thought we would borrow and put here.

With native advertising, it states, you’re paying someone else to gain access to their audience, while with content marketing you’re creating content to build an audience of your own.

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