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Welcome to Content24. What makes this different is that it’s a digest of the stories that have made an impact over the past 24 hours and not just a platform for recycled content marketing strategy. Today we’re looking at content marketing on iOS9, Buzzfeed and Coca-Cola.

Buzzfeed sees move towards native

In an interview with The Drum, Buzzfeed general manager Kate Burns made a few comments about how the company sees content marketing. She said it judges content on “how many times it has been shared”.

She added: “We are seeing brands becoming more compelled to use native. The recent modifications to ad blockers are going to hit the display market quite severely. So native is the answer to that.”

The last point is the interesting one. People are only just beginning to grasp the ramifications of ad-blocking but it is already having a huge impact on the media. And, like Burns, we believe one beneficiary could be content marketing.

iOS9 ad-blocker is top app

Less than a day after the launch of iOS 9, Apple’s latest operating system, ad-blocking software is ranking among the most downloaded apps.

According to the Guardian,  two ad blockers are in the top 20 paid apps – Purify is at 11 and Peace at 12. Peace is the top paid app in the US.

As we have already said, this could bring about a massive change in the content marketing sector.

Coca-Cola emojis

Coca-Cola has become the first brand to be granted custom emojis on Twitter. As part of its Share A Coke campaign, emojis come up if you tweet #shareacoke. Twitter said it is using Coca-Cola to test out emojis.

As Digiday points out, Twitter can capitalise on the trend and charge brands big money to create a campaign based around this. The magazine said other brands will follow.

A word of warning, as this campaign has shown, be careful when allowing users to push your campaign. See above for our take on it.

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