It’s all about content marketing trust

Putting together quality content marketing requires a journalistic approach. Yet it needs something else that, arguably, is harder to achieve.


Think about it this way. You might be writing a financial blog for a bank. That post needs to be as good as something that would appear in the FT.

But the FT has one advantage. It’s the FT. People know it and, crucially, trust it. Your blog, on the other hand – despite all protestations to the contrary – screams conflict of interest.

Be reliable

OK, we all know what clickbait is. Don’t go anywhere near it. Traffic is great, but if your article doesn’t deliver on the promise of the headline you’re going nowhere.

Craft titles and headlines that are enticing. But never, ever mislead. Consistently deliver the content promised by the headline.


That’s simple: create a news calendar, keep your posting regular. The latter helps readers schedule an appointment with your content. It creates an expectation you may continue to satisfy. And when you consistently deliver content, each post boosts your standing and SEO.


Statistics are a good way in which to add credibility. But in content there’s a plague of stats that are unsourced.

Get the figures – if it’s a data-driven article – and put them up top to establish authority.

Consistent messaging

It’s tougher to make a connection if your editorial tone feels different across a range of bits of content. That’s why it is  important to have a good set of content guidelines to keep your articles from developing multiple personality syndrome.

The answer

At the heart of it, the simplest way to earn trust and build credibility is to offer in-depth content. Listen to your audience. Create content that satisfies needs they did not know they had.

Offer value that the FT cannot.

The content marketing rush

More and more brands are engaging in content marketing. They think of it as a cheap and easy way to get engagement and sales. Place yourself apart by consistently providing high-worth, impeccably-polished journalistic content.


Whatever your sector, if you stick to these guidelines and do so consistently you should build up a trustful relationship with your readers.

In achieving its objective, this exercise goes beyond sales. You do it to get people coming back again – and again.

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