Mass mailings for guest posting

July 22, 2016

The alternative headline for this post could be “Does guest posting still work?”. The reason for writing this is I received an email asking whether I would like a [...]

The unconventional convention

July 21, 2016

Cleveland: When Donald Trump floated the idea that he might break with tradition and appear in person on all four nights of the GOP gathering here – because, well, it would [...]

Ohio takes centre stage

July 14, 2016

Cincinnati – Before next week’s much-ballyhooed extravaganza that is the Republican convention kicks off in Cleveland, a gathering that this year could prove even more [...]

You are not your audience

July 11, 2016

One of the most obvious mistakes made by content marketers is creating content for the wrong audience. Frequently, a great piece of writing and video is produced. The chief [...]

Can Love Trump Hate?

June 22, 2016

In an already polarised political environment, campaigning was overtaken and overshadowed by America’s worst mass shooting in recent history. As vigils took place around [...]
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