What else do the ‘freedom’ pensioners want to spend their money on?

We’re weeks away from the biggest change to British pensions in generations and wealthy retiree interests such as cruises, and second homes are expected to see a substantial boost in 2015.

But the Milken Institute’s Best Cities for Successful Aging index makes a number of interesting observations about what baby-boomer pensioners also want, which could equally apply in the UK and goes well beyond the usual topics.

Some sectors that could be involved in tailoring their content for over-55s include:

More education: with their final salary pensions to cushion them, many baby boomers are returning to university or going for the first time. So universities could think about producing online content to attract potential mature students with the cash to pay their fees upfront.

Downsizing but staying put: many retirees now want to stay in the city where they have lived and worked rather than moving to the country, seaside or warmer climes. Property companies who can help with the move to a smaller and/or easier home could also be producing content to attract these movers.

Culture and sport: people coming to retirement age now are very active and want to do as much as they can of the things they enjoy, whether that is going to the theatre, football matches or long-distance cycling. Arts organisations, sporting clubs and supporters’ organisations have an opportunity to attract these pensioners and their newly-liberated pension pots with the right online content.

If you’re in some of these areas you should be hitting the pensions reforms hard with your content marketing strategy. You can read more about the opportunities on our site here 

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