Emotion is an excellent content marketing ingredient

We have occasionally pointed out that one of the reasons this blog exists is to provide an antidote to the many and repetitive how-to articles surrounding content marketing.

Equally occasionally, there are times when we make an exception to this rule. This is one of them.

Emotion equals sharing – 1,100 shares

As part of our weekly trawl through the #contentmarketing stories that are currently flying high on social media, we picked out something from Moz.

This piece examines the attributes that highly shared content have in common. Looking at campaigns running across a variety of sectors, it uncovered four elements likely to contribute to their success.

These are: emotion, broad appeal, rankings and a link to popular culture. It might not take Sherlock Holmes to work this out, but what is interesting is the research it uses to back up the theory and ways to implement content to bring these factors into play.

Yes, it smacks of a how-to. But you can’t beat an article with actual research.

Facebook algorithm change hits clickbaiters – 1,000 shares

Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm is taking on a mythology to rival Google’s own version for search. Now the rules governing what content Facebook will allow your followers to see have been tightened once more.

Digiday’s look at who and what these changes have affected is probably as good an overview as you’ll need.

In short, it will favour in-depth and interactive content. Interestingly, frequent posters who have little cut-through with that content will be pushed back. This is especially true of those who frequently post shorter content. It’s interesting because historically the way to get ahead on Facebook is by posting regularly.

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