Enterprise embraces Marriott joy of travel strategy

Car rental company Enterprise has decided to increase its use of content marketing. The firm is launching an online ‘magazine’ called Pursuits with Enterprise.

The strategy is to “tell stories” – in other words to emphasise the excitement of travel. It will upload four or five videos and articles a month. These will be distributed via paid search, social media.

A typical example is Blind Hike – a 3.30-minute film about a blind man and his son. The film itself is professionally shot, tells a story and, perhaps most importantly, has a limited number of rental vehicle shots.

It is accompanied by an article detailing the locations as well as some background to the people involved. Another nice touch is to link through to a version of the same film with audio description.

In terms of strategy, it borrows heavily from Marriott Hotels, whose content has always been about the joy of travel and visiting different places. But does everything have to be an original idea? No, certainly not.

The evidence is most obvious when you compare Enterprise to another car-rental company’s site, say Budget. The difference in quality is plain to see.

Enterprise embraces Marriott joy of travel strategy
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