Five top content marketing tips from Greece

People hate adverts but they love content – so how do you transform the former into the latter? Athens-based marketing agency 4 Wise Monkeys shares its recipe for success.

1) Create engaging work that gives you butterflies

Engaging content is a piece of communication material that offers the person who consumes it value. It can be funny, shocking, emotional, inspiring, informative, surprising, innovative, or any combination of these things.

2) Know your shit

Consumers have developed bullshit detector systems: how do you get your message past them? You need to do your research, be authentic and use relevant and credible media collaborations. Then, you will be able to offer useful content, rather than brand-centred information, and do so in a credible way.

3) Say goodbye to your comfort zone

Comfort is the enemy of innovation – the spot where the magic happens and your comfort zone are two circles which rarely, if ever, overlap.

4) Get consumers involved

We live in a new era, one in which brand communication has gone from a one-way controlled message to a two-way dialogue. If you don’t get your audience involved, they can use social media to talk about you anyway, and the result may not be good.

5) Ride existing waves

Creating content which is engaging, distinctive and unique does not require you to sail out into the unknown like Christopher Columbus: the tools exist in the digital world to contact people who already like your brand or product. Start where you already have fans, using successful content creators and existing platforms to reach established tribes.

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