Four steps that will get your content zooming when you are WFH

Content skills course

Our Content Skills training course is derived from the practices of the world’s best publishers to give your team the skills they need to produce stand-out content that engages with audiences, even while working from home. And it’s now available as four lunchtime virtual sessions

Marketing content has to be as good as that produced by the world’s best publishers.

It has to compete with everything else that’s vying for your potential customer’s attention – from Vanity Fair magazine to TikTok pranks.

And that’s why content marketers are under pressure.

They need not only marketing skills, but also a whole raft of editorial skills, thinking and processes.

Why is this course different and better than conventional content marketing training?

As former journalists, we’ve seen this gap – and created a framework based on newsroom best practice that we think can help you and your team produce excellent content.

It will bring you up to speed with processes that have been honed over decades by the world’s leading publishers – from the Financial Times to the BBC.

It will help you focus on your marketing goals while still unleashing creativity.

And provide the tools that will help you create credible and watertight content that builds your company’s reputation and generates more business.

It’s something that is particularly relevant right now, with so many people working remotely, away from the collaborative office environment, and more vulnerable to individual lapses and errors. Or even just needing an extra dose of inspiration.

What will I and my team have learnt by the end?

1 You’ll learn how to get your content plan budgeted, approved by stakeholders and off the ground. We know that before you even get to creating a story brief you need to have all the relevant internal people agree on the point of the story, and on the point of doing it. This is where the skills of a marketer come to the fore, using diplomacy, sensitivity and determination to get their project launched, with a budget in hand.

2 How to generate powerful ideas and deliver them to have maximum impact for your audience. The easiest way to improve conversions is to improve your content – and that means generating ideas, tapping into trends, being aware of what’s going on around you. The first stage of internal approvals can be so exhausting that creativity gets overlooked, but sparkling content is the only way to win over your audience. We’ll show you how to boost your content ideas.

3 How to use a checklist to guarantee your content is spot on, every time. We’ve created an editing checklist that sets out the thought processes of a top-level features editor and explains how they assess an article, infographic, podcast or video and be sure it is good enough for publication.

4 Along the way we’ll also give you the simple editing tips, tricks and skills that will help you fix any problem, making it easier to get your content launched.

As journalists turned content editors, we’ve realised that content marketers need to be even better than publishers and we’re confident you’ll value our approach.

You’ll come out with processes, checklists and new skills, along with the confidence of knowing that your content delivers.

In the new world of marketing, it’s not just about telling people what you want to tell them. It’s about capturing their interest first – and not with a mis-spelt headline.

Our virtual training courses are designed to run in a lunchtime slot from Monday to Thursday, on Zoom or any other platform. They are aimed at groups of four people and can be tailored to your company. Costs start from £250 a session. 

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