FT’s top tips for a successful content marketing campaign

Always put the audience first. It’s about their user journey, getting the format right, as well as the best date and time for publication. Be mobile first; close to 50 per cent of our content is viewed on mobile.

Don’t be afraid to be memorable or entertaining. We learnt quickly that the C-suite audience responds well to content that is irreverent; it really increases engagement.

Publishers need to make sure they project manage their campaigns really well. Customer experience is really important to secure repeat business so concentrate on getting it right.

Look at the data – constantly, not just at launch. We provide lots of reporting and check-ins to help identify areas for improvement, but it’s important not to overreact. If something’s not working immediately, don’t be afraid to give it time to develop. Keep looking at the data and change it if need be.

Consider the desired relationship with the audience. Do you want to make it personal – which would be appropriate for something like pension advice – or do you want to be authoritative – often more appropriate for professional services firms? Make sure you adopt the right tone.

Clients must think about the fit with the publisher and take their advice seriously. The publisher will know their audience and what it takes to get them to tune in. If you don’t think the advice the publisher is giving works with your brand then it might be best to walk away. The fit between their brand and yours may not be right.