Try to get ahead on distribution with LinkedIn

We’ve said this before, but if you are looking to distribute B2B content marketing then LinkedIn is a good place to start. While a quarter of all news is found through Facebook, in business LinkedIn is the thing.

Research from the Content Marketing Association revealed that LinkedIn comes out on top in terms of B2B, with 67 per cent of marketers saying they think it the most effective platform.

LinkedIn has another advantage. Its users are heavily orientated to news and share it regularly, while blog posts can help build an audience. The downside is that sponsoring content costs more than the likes of Outbrain or Taboola.

So can you push organically?

The answer is yes (well sort of). All social networks have realised that there’s money to be made from content. Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm has become harder to access. Even with steady work it is going to be difficult to reach anything but your company’s most committed fans.

LinkedIn is better than that. It has been found that as much as 20 per cent of content reaches a user’s feed. However, this may well change depending on whether the now Microsoft-owned company continues its hunt for content marketing cash.

Perhaps in an effort to keep content flowing – and give hope to those who don’t wish to hand over hard coin – LinkedIn recently offered advice on how to present it.

First impressions

Think hard about visuals. According to LinkedIn marketing solutions team member Alexandra Rynne, they are the ‘new headlines’. Maybe this is stretching it too far, but the important point is to capture the user as they scroll down the feed. The headline, for all its uses, lacks the instant hit.

Instant advantage

There needs to be a clear reason for your target user (the customer) to click on the link. This can best be achieved by solving their problem. If you can do this and demonstrate it at a glance you will pull them in.

Video, what video?

LinkedIn is not exactly known as a platform for video content. However, the company says it is currently working on new technology that will facilitate this. It is an interesting move considering the success of written news, which can be consumed quickly and on the hoof.

And all the usual stuff…

Frequency still makes a difference whether you are using LinkedIn, Facebook or your own site. And, above all else, make sure your content is well produced. There’s no point investing time and effort to get your audience’s attention only to show them sloppy work.

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