How Temenos distributes its content

Temenos doesn’t just rely on search engines and a monthly newsletter to drive people to its website and therefore its content. In fact it has a full strategy in place that takes in Oracle’s automated marketing and social listening tool Eloqua, as well as PR, social media and a news filtering service provided by Outbrain.

Kate Bolton, head of PR and communications, says: “We try to keep up the conversation with people who’ve shown an interest. It seems obvious but very few people do it. We basically behave in the same way as you would if you were in a room with someone – and keep the conversation going using Outbrain, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our newsletter.”

This involves highlighting topics of interest, resending unopened newsletters or stories, tweeting points of note, retweeting relevant comments and work from others, and posting published articles on the corporate blog with reference to the original publisher.

“It’s a whole distribution eco-system. We publish, it gets liked and shared and the content goes beyond our sphere. It’s common sense,” she says.

The automated marketing and news filtering services allow her to monitor how long people spend on a story and what else they are reading. Using this knowledge, she can follow up with similar content – from Temenos or other sources.

The service also allows her to see how soon an email with content gets opened, which gives an indication as to how engaged the audience is and helps the sales team understand their interests better.

The final piece of the jigsaw is her PR company Burson-Marsteller, which places content in target trade titles around the world, often having been translated by FirstWord. “BM will repurpose the content for different markets and geographies so we get more bang for our buck,” Bolton explains.

As the volume of content increases, so does traction. Temenos is seeing more articles published externally than ever before. “Even the nationals are starting to take extracts from our surveys and research,” she says.

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