GoPro, Red Bull, Burberry and other content-related news

GoPro and Red Bull put out very different products, but they are linked through content marketing. The two brands frequently co-operate on projects – and arguably there is no greater indication of their connection than Red Bull’s ownership of around one per cent of the camera brand’s A shares.

Now the partnership has been cemented with a global content marketing agreement that will see GoPro appear at around 1,800 Red Bull events. Content will be produced from this activity and distributed on both brands’ platforms, including Red Bull TV, and the GoPro Channel.

According to Adweek, it will include footage shot with GoPro’s virtual reality cameras.

Interestingly, Adweek has this quote from GoPro founder Nicholas Woodman. He says: “We’ve always felt a bit like Red Bull’s younger brother. It’s no secret we’ve been inspired by their marketing model since we founded GoPro 14 years ago. And to now be officially partnered – in the way we are – is a reflection of how strong that model is.”

Proof if anything that it is possible to transfer and emulate another brand’s marketing strategy. Just don’t make it a brand from within your own sector.

Burberry has plans to make money from social and content

Another major user of content marketing is Burberry, which has branched out to create an iTunes channel and into social media offshoots such as SnapChat and Instagram. It has an estimated 40 million followers across all of its social media channels.

Now the company says it is hoping to generate some income through this popularity rather than just marketing.

That represents another step forward. However, it is doable. For the best example of a brand that solely used content marketing – and did it very well – look at Rapha. Its Rouleur bi-monthly journal was high-end and well produced. Consumers paid good money for it and eventually Rapha was able to sell the brand on.

The difference is that Burberry, unlike Rapha, GoPro or Red Bull, is reliant upon other companies’ platforms. Any money-making activity may be stymied by those who house Burberry’s content.

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