Google AMP and Allianz on Instagram

The launch of Facebook Instant could turn out to be one of the biggest events for publishing this year. But it won’t be alone, as Google is bringing out its own open-source AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project.

In case you missed it, Facebook’s system allows publishers to use its mobile platform, and both parties customise and sell ads on it. Facebook benefits from more content, and the publisher gets to take advantage of Facebook’s robust mobile technology enabling faster render times etc. More importantly, a number of brands are said to be interested in joining the trial.

Google has published an update on AMP. It said Pinterest is using the system on its Android and iOS apps and found AMP pages loaded four times faster than the existing method. It added that Twitter is lined up to test it early-2016. Google search will begin sending traffic to AMP in February.

With mobile becoming the dominant force in online media viewing, the ability to bring download times will become increasingly important. As an example, look at Nescafe’s decision to move its site to Tumblr on the basis it was better optimised for mobile.

Allianz bets on Instagram in content marketing drive

You would not have thought that Instagram would have much to offer an insurance company. However, Allianz said it is having success with Instagram.
The company has been using the image-only social media platform to highlight its sponsorship of Bayern Munich as well as cultural events. According to the company it found interaction was around four times higher than on Facebook, principally because Instagram has less commercial content on it.


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