Google goes for course-based content

Content marketing can take many forms and formats. One of the most interesting – and perhaps under-utilised – is courses. Now Google has taken the plunge with its Digital Garage site.

Although Google produces plenty of content dedicated to developers and the technocrati, this page is different. Instead, it is targeting those who are more web 2.0 than MEAN stack.

The course is designed for people who want to contribute towards the web – instead of understand how to search for their nearest coffee shop.

From YouTubers running how-to-change-a-light-switch videos to Udemy courses explaining intermediate Scala programming, there is a huge market for online education.

The site allows you to sign in and state your aims and interests, whereupon a course will be tailored for you. In all, there are 23 modules resulting in certification if you complete them.

The first module of six lessons is on how to build a presence on the web. Others include ‘how to build an online shop’ and ‘get noticed on social media’.

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