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Welcome to Content24. Why is it different? Because it’s a digest of the stories that have made an impact over the past 24 hours, and not just a platform for recycled content marketing. Today we’re looking at Google Nexus and comments by WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell

Google Nexus 5X and 6P launch

Today Google is shipping the first of its new range of phones, the Nexus 5X and 6P. A few weeks ago we looked at Apple’s content marketing following the release of its new OS X operating system. This week we thought it might be interesting to see what Google is doing to support its first major phone launch for a couple of years.

Unsurprisingly, the Nexus 5X ‘magazine’ page uses Google’s rather flat-looking Material Design style. What is striking is that the word count for the whole thing adds up to just over 200, consisting of brief 30-word product highlights. For what is in essence a technical product, this seems a little light.

Those words are spread over a dozen or so pictures showing a model pretending to cut and photograph flowers in her in-house studio. The final picture, at the end of her hard work, shows her settling down to watch a film on her phone.

That’s it. If you’re interested, here’s an alternative.

Surely, if the phone has a great camera then a gallery of images taken using it would have been better? There must have been a strategic decision to avoid information overload. And no one is better placed to make that decision than Google.

It is all about engagement, says Sir Martin Sorrell

Appearing at the Society of Editors conference, Sir Martin Sorrell recently spoke about the future of publishing. Specific areas covered included the decline in advertising and the growing use of adblockers.

He also spoke about US data that shows consumers spent around 5 per cent of their time reading newspapers yet newspapers take 17 per cent of marketing spend.

Sorrell said: “Data in Canada, Australia, the UK, the US and elsewhere shows it is not just a question about time spent, it is also about engagement.

“Data from many sources shows that when people engage with newspapers in a traditional form, digital too, the quality of the time they spend is much higher than we first thought.”

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