GoPro brings in Periscope for content makers

OK, we might be a few days late on this one, but so what. Camera brand GoPro has become one of content marketing’s biggest stars, rivalling the likes of Coca-Cola and GE.

Some interesting statistics: 6,000 GoPro tagged videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. And videos from athletes sponsored by the brand – a library nearly 400 strong – have generated more than 50 million views so far.

Now the company has signed a deal with live streaming app Periscope allowing users to stream via an iPhone.

This makes complete sense in terms of bolstering an area in which the company is already strong. Indeed, the organisation has been immensely successful in originating user-generated content. Yes, it does help to have a product that allows people to create. But there are others in this field. The difference is that GoPro has managed to take ownership of it.

While user-generated material is all well and good, GoPro has also managed to bring out professionally-produced content and run it on its own channel. The video below forms part of this.

The lesson has to be this: creating and building your own channel can generate tremendous authority for your brand. Just make sure you do it right.

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