How to hit the corporate funny-bone

While newspaper cartoons can mock a subject with glee, the rules are different for corporate material. Get it wrong and you risk being painted as the villain. Get it right and you emerge the hero.

First and foremost, don’t attack the opposition, your peers, your customers or get personal. But, of course, you can attack yourself – see the PwC example above. It’s also better to stay positive. Criticism can backfire, although gently mocking industry stereotypes can work well – think of Dilbert’s success.

But don’t copy; be creative. And be funny. The two together will make your cartoon memorable. And to achieve all this, provide a thoughtful brief that includes your boundaries – what is hackneyed, what is off-colour, what is off-limits.

And remember that it’s a creative process – process being the important word. If you don’t like something, say so. Encourage amendments with positive criticism.