How to learn about content marketing

How can you learn content marketing? That was the subject of a post on social media site Quora from a marketing student working their way through the different disciplines.

A straightforward question. With some fairly straightforward answers, too. The first one suggested studying HubSpot and Inbound’s blogs, as well as completing the former’s content marketing course. The second one said just start producing content.

We have a slightly different answer. Both responses are right and wrong at the same time. Content marketing is a little like playing the guitar. You can teach anyone a couple of chords and they will make it sound OK. Getting good is a different thing entirely.

As with everything, you only get better by doing it. If you need a steer, it is all about quality – and no one produces quality content like journalists. So study news journalism. Look at articles for style and structure. Look at how content is themed. Then try and copy it.

If you are going to consult a book, check out Essential English for Journalists, Editors and Writers. Originally published in 2000, it’s a bit of a classic. The book runs through the functions of a news desk, using active English and writing headlines that make sense as well as grab the attention.

In short, content marketing blogs (including this one) will often talk about strategy, work and events going on in the sector. Learning how to research and produce good editorial is something else entirely.

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