LinkedIn, Instagram and SEO – what’s been shared?

Here is our weekly look at the most-shared content marketing-relevant stories on social media.

LinkedIn rates financial services content marketing

LinkedIn has been steadily embracing B2B content marketing, especially with regard to promoted content.

Over the past year, it has been running a regular list of the best – rated in terms of activity on LinkedIn. This time it is looking at financial services companies. A word of warning: includes sponsored updates.

The three top companies (in order) are Citibank, Scripbox and Allianz. Other notables are American Express in fifth and BlackRock in seventh.

Linkedin Financial services content marketing graphic

LinkedIn top financial brands for content marketing

The importance of link building

The SEO community has been tossing around the question of how important backlinks are for some time now. This piece in Forbes, which gained around 11,000 Facebook shares, looks at the type of content that works best if you want other sites to link to you.

Unsurprisingly, the answer comes down to quality – especially for high-end referrers like such as the New York Times and BBC.

Then the writer flags up backlinks. Google still considers them important, despite all the other metrics available. Doubly so, in fact, because the search engine provider will also hit you for any it deems to be of poor quality.

The end of Instagram

Recently, Instagram grabbed headlines in the tech press over its plans to change the way users receive posts. Instead of showing them in date order, Instagram will feed items through based on the likelihood that the recipient will want to see them.

Sound familiar? It is the current method of choice for Instagram parent company Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm.

This story in TechCrunch, titled: ‘The death of Instagram for brands’, points out that most of Facebook group’s revenue is being driven by the main brand. Effectively, this will push more content marketers towards paid promotion. Or, to put it differently, hammer another nail in the coffin of organic growth.

The TechCrunch piece gained around 2,000 shares on each platform, with 3,500 on Facebook.

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