LinkedIn is best for B2B content… probably

So many social media platforms, so little time. When companies are reportedly spending up to $750,000 a pop on building a SnapChat audience, or more trying out Twitter’s new offering, there could be a more cost-effective solution closer to home.

According to this research by text-to-video specialist Wibbitz, LinkedIn is where it’s at if you are putting out content. It found that although most news is discovered through Facebook, people who are keenly interested in the subject turn first to LinkedIn.

Of course, it is difficult to quantify research like this. Different content fares better on different platforms and its success or failure is often easy to predict. As the saying goes, it’s not rocket science. Just take a look at these graphs relating to shared content over the past 12 months. One is for pages featuring ‘content marketing’, another for ‘Donald Trump’ and the third is for banking software specialist Temenos, a client of FirstWord. The captions are below but you’d be able to guess what is what without them.

Content shared featuring the word 'content marketing'

Content shared featuring the phrase ‘content marketing’

Content shared about Donald Trump

Content shared about Donald Trump

Content shared about Temenos over the last year

Content shared about FirstWord client Temenos

If anything this proves you can apply your thinking to type. But if LinkedIn comes out on top when applied to a B2B company and its users tend to be great consumers of news, then it doesn’t require David Ogilvy to point out that it’s worth focusing the attention on. Yes, Facebook is good but content marketing is not all about numbers.

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