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Welcome to Content24. Why is it different? Because it’s a digest of the stories that have made an impact over the past 24 hours, and not just a platform for recycled content marketing. Today we’re looking at L’Oréal and GE

L’Oréal brings content marketing in-house

L’Oréal has become the latest in a line of beauty brands to establish an in-house content marketing team. It will initially be set up within its Montreal offices and consist of three people. Content will range from how-to videos and make-up tutorials with influencers to social media photos.

According to an interview with Ekaterina Dobrokhotova, consumer engagement manager at L’Oréal Canada, the decision to launch stems from an experiment to produce eight how-to videos in one day for skincare brand Shu Uemura. The videos were linked to trending topics on social media.

One of them, pegged to the trending search query “How to shape your eyebrows”, gained more than 9,000 views without any paid amplification.

If the trial is successful, L’Oréal will expand the model to other markets.

GE “going beyond native advertising”

The Drum has an interview with Andy Goldberg, global creative director and general manager of GE’s Creative Lab. Goldberg discusses the evolution of GE’s content marketing strategy, starting with the move away from banner ads to Buzzfeed-type native articles and beyond.

Goldberg also talks about GE’s branded segment on The Tonight Show and how the hardest part was ensuring that it did not look like an ad. The result was Fallonventions, where host Jimmy Fallon dons a GE-branded lab-coat and brings on young inventors and their inventions.

He says: “Brands are really creating the content now. The truth is, a consumer is more apt to learn something if the content is interesting. They don’t feel like the brand is hiding behind it, they feel the brand is giving them something of value. That’s the true essence of native advertising.

“Is there a value exchange happening? Is the brand bringing something to the table that the consumer wants? And does it fit naturally in the flow of what they’re already engaging with?”


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