Mashable adds content into shop launch

Did you take advantage of ‘Cyber Monday’ or was it just another day to postpone Christmas shopping? If it’s the former, you may have come across the online shop launch with Visa for Mashable. Plus, we’re looking at Facebook Instant and why publishers should dive in.

Mashable launches Mashable Shop

Online magazine Mashable has launched Mashable Shop in association with Visa. The store, which opened yesterday, features various Mashable-branded clothing and tech products. It also, in the view of some, contains a large amount of content marketing from Visa.

One would assume AdAge has taken that view. In a piece headlined “Mashable Shop is a Native Ad that’s also an Online Store” it outlined how the site uses plenty of Visa content, as well as the Visa Checkout payment service.

Mashable itself said the site was more about brand building than revenue. Visa is already a substantial advertiser on the main site, so it makes sense to give them more options. Using a separate site like this keeps the integrity of the main site intact.

Facebook Instant and content marketing

There has been growing interest in Facebook Instant since it launched earlier this year. The service allows publishers to use the platform to roll out content and keep ad revenue. It is especially useful in terms of mobile capability and is currently available to everyone who has the Facebook iPhone app.

From a content marketing perspective, it is believed some of the major companies are interested in using the service.

However, some publishers are having issues with Instant and limitations on the number of ads that can be shown.

At the same time, Google is looking at the same space. It is launching its own Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) next year, which will offer a similar service.

Take a look at this piece if you’re interested in reading more.

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