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Welcome to Content24. What makes this different is that it’s a digest of the stories that have made an impact over the past 24 hours and not just a platform for a recycled content marketing strategy. Today we’re looking at native advertising drawbacks, Buzzfeed and the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The problem with native advertising

Only 19% of people trust native advertising, according to this report by Contently that looks at recent research into consumer attitudes to native. Other findings include 48% of people feeling deceived after discovering the content they had just read was native. On the good side most people still view native content as actual editorial.

As with earlier questions about how content marketing is rated for ROI, it is worth making these issues clear, because it is only through understanding this point that the medium will improve and evolve.

Buzzfeed ‘reveal social secrets’

BuzzFeed has been quite busy recently at conferences, most notably Social Media Week in London. In this piece, one of the company’s executives talks about how BuzzFeed shares its content. This in-depth piece on Brandrepublic talks about obvious things like the need to push images more heavily in social media, but it also breaks things down in terms of niche audiences and how to appeal to them.

Frankfurt Motor Show

Just to show we get out of the office, we thought we would mention what we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. Some fantastic cars on the stands – here is a favourite. Although events are somewhat foreign territory when it comes to content marketing, we found a few interesting examples of it.

Skoda quiz at Frankfurt Motor Show

Skoda quiz at Frankfurt Motor Show

Possibly our favourite was this quiz that was being an put out on the Skoda stand. Yes, car shows are fundamentally about feeling and seeing the product, there is always an opportunity to try something new. We only wonder whether there is an opportunity to run this sort of content elsewhere, such as through its site.

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