Oil price drop provides a content opportunity

It’s lucky I’m in the writing game and not in the business of investing other people’s money. Because since I wrote about producing content linked to the risk to Europe’s energy supplies from the conflict in the Ukraine, and the potential for oil and gas prices to soar as a result, the oil price has in fact fallen to its lowest level for almost four years.

Happily, the significant fall in the price of oil provides a whole new range of companies with the opportunity to produce useful and relevant content.

Thus far, the news organisations are having it all their own way, accounting for all of the first page of top Google search results on “oil price falls” and “oil price fall how it affects me”. So there is an opportunity for companies to offer their own expert views and advice to customers while the subject is at the top of the news agenda.

Motoring organisations could press for a commensurate drop in prices at the petrol pumps, using their own research to show how global oil price rises quickly push up the cost to drivers but never reverse as quickly.

In response, oil and gas companies can use their own experts and websites to explain to their customers why that is the case.

Supermarket chains, most of which make a lot of money from their petrol stations, could create content showing customers what they could buy with the £8 they saved filling up the car on the way to the supermarket this week.

Here’s hoping the oil price will not stage a massive recovery now I have written this…



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