Local specialism is growing, and it’s a lesson we can all learn from the referendum vote, whichever way it goes.

A vogue for the devolution of power from London, or Brussels, is having an impact on business ambition and projection too: locals are demanding politicians, and businesses, that speak to them in a way that oozes regional expertise, comfort and knowledge.

As a business operating across the UK, how can content marketing help you to capture the interest of proud Cornish or Yorkshiremen and explain what you’re doing for and in their region?
Using your own website and social media sites as a platform to publish and promote the expert opinions of people in your business (aka content marketing) allows you to get your voice heard without using the traditional media channels.

One particular advantage of social media is the ability to tailor content and offer it to very specific audiences. So you can have a Twitter feed for your London customers and another for your Northumberland ones, staffed by local employees who know what the big talking points in those parts are.

Very few good words are said about train operating companies, but many of them are successfully using social media to update passengers on the whereabouts of their train home, reducing blood pressure on platforms all over the country.

A good example from South West Trains is here: https://twitter.com/SW_Trains/status/507104519705354241
You will attract an audience with useful information, and keep them with interesting content. A video interview with your CEO apologising sincerely for a week of rush-hour delays for example…It’s something really worth thinking about.

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