So where is the Rio 2016 content marketing?

There are fewer easier wins in content marketing than making – and sticking to – a news calendar. Simply put, it is low-hanging fruit for those looking to emulate regular newsroom practices.

In that case, with the world’s biggest sporting event only days away, there should be plenty of Olympics-based content marketing hitting the wires.

Except not really. It is a little thin on the ground.

Content marketing roll call

However, a quick look through the sponsors of Rio 2016 reveals Coca-Cola and GE, two of the most prolific content marketing brands. Others include Omega, Visa and Samsung.

It is hard to find any Olympics content associated with these companies, even with the benefit of Google. Possibly the best example is Samsung’s film below featuring Bradley Wiggins and Jack Whitehouse.

While GE has put together this rather sober example of its work at the event.

Where it will come

One element to this are the restrictions the International Olympic Committee places on marketing within and outside the event. Like the World Cup, everything is siloed and the organisers put strict limitations on what you can do.

It is during the games that things should – hopefully – kick off. If London 2012 was anything to go by, social media and live streaming should allow brands to create more content. A good example is this video by Adidas featuring the Great Britain Olympic team. It was on the spot near the end of the event when public interest was at a high.

The Olympics is arguably the premier marketing slot. Judging from the brands involved, one would also expect to see plenty of content around the event. Let’s hope so. The Olympics may be all about sport but it can also be a showcase for content marketing.

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