FirstWord’s weekly content marketing roundup: 7 July

This week’s roundup includes a nicely thought out list of B2B content marketing examples, a clarion call for mobile and an interesting initiative from Google.

Google pushes native advertising

Google has launched an interesting product for brands looking to push content marketing – rather than ads – into the web.

mobile screen native ads

Marketing Land has put together a good overview, but in a nutshell it uses Google’s ‘matched content’ product and allows content marketing to be run within a participating website.

Crucially, it will match the look and feel of the site. Gripping stuff.

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Best examples of B2B content marketing

Sometimes it’s quite hard to pick out decent examples of B2B content marketing. Chiefly, this is because so much of it goes under the wire. But HubSpot has given it a good go.

Particular favourites here include Deloitte and Next View Ventures.

There’s a lot of thought on strategy out there. But really all you need to do is see what has worked well for other people.

Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that.

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Go mobile with your content marketing

If there’s one thing most content marketers, digital marketers, web devs and friends are guilty of it’s this…

They are not paying enough attention to mobile.

mobile desktop graph

It is not enough just to think about it; you have to develop for it. If you get it right for mobile, the desktop will take care of itself.

The fact that most content is developed on the desktop results in a natural bias for that platform.

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