London Shamen Blog: Say howdy to shareable content

In trying to come up with attention-grabbing and useful content for your website, a company song with a country and western flavour might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But if you’re based in the US Midwest and make large trucks and diggers for the construction industry, it might be just the ticket.

Case Construction Equipment, based in Racine, Wisconsin, commissioned country singer Kip Moore to write a song for the “unsung heroes… the hard-working men and women who dedicate their lives to constructing the world where we live, work and play”, and he composed On the Case, which you can listen to on Case’s website. Customers and employees can also share pictures of themselves hard at work on construction sites. “Show your pride, share a pic” is a sentiment which may not come naturally to us Brits, but maybe it should – after all, most of us have to go to work every day and sometimes it isn’t even that bad. Case’s content marketing campaign celebrates what its customers and staff spend all day doing. (I should mention here that Case is owned by industrial and agricultural equipment maker CNH, who are friends of FirstWord’s. We’ve discussed projects with them, although sadly we can’t claim the credit for this campaign.)

Good content marketing should attract a new audience to your website and social media platforms, giving your business or organisation the chance to tell people about who you are and what you do. But content marketing can also be used to strengthen relationships with the customers you already have, and your staff, as Case has done with the Kip Moore campaign. What’s more likely to get your employees sharing the link to your website with their friends and family than a page showing pictures of them doing their jobs? Sometimes you don’t need to look too far for interesting content.

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