Social media picks of the week

FirstWord’s weekly pick of content marketing-related stories is proving popular. Today’s looks at Google, content overload, the question of whether product placement is native advertising and the thoughts of one of the UK’s top admen on the subject.

Content marketing

This take down of content marketing by Sir John Hegarty scored a hit across all social media channels (go here for our view): 1,700 shares.

The future is bright – a look at how content marketing has been aided by Google’s algorithm changes: 700 shares.

Conversely, this piece looks at something that could “ruin content marketing”. Publishing for the sake of publishing: 330 shares.

Inbound marketing

Looking at the latest Google changes and how they affect inbound marketing. Changes to PPC and Google Analytics: 151 shares.

Native advertising

Native advertising is about to take over television. A US-focused piece looking at areas such as product placement and adapting storylines around brands: 360 shares.

It’s not native advertising, so what should you call it? 100 shares

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