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Welcome to Content24. What makes this different is that it’s a digest of the stories that have made an impact over the past 24 hours and not just a platform for recycled content marketing. Today we’re looking at Starbucks and Vocativ

Starbucks produces war veterans book

Starbucks brought in Washington Post journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran to produce a book about US soldiers and their lives after leaving the service. For Love of Country was co-authored with Starbucks co-founder Howard Schultz.

Schultz also asked Chandrasekaran if he would consider leaving The Washington Post to head a newly formed media venture to “tell influential, long-form stories” – all sponsored by Starbucks.

This piece by the US Content Marketing Institute features an interview with Chandrasekaran.

Is social media more important than Google for content marketing?

This item by Digiday looks at how Vocativ, a publisher of technology stories, managed to raise its video views on Facebook from 1.5 million to 95 million in eight months. It goes to show how Facebook is becoming the place to share content – not just video but articles, too.

Indeed, research shows that many people are viewing news and content through mobile apps. This brings new algorithms into play and may push more people towards paid amplification.

According to this blog, in July the Pew Research Centre published data to show that from 2013 to 2015 the percentage of Twitter users who “get news there” rose from 52% to 63%, while the number for Facebook rose from 47% to 63%.


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