Taboola’s Disqus deal – #contentmarketing stories

Content distribution was heavily represented in the most-shared #contentmarketing stories of the week. This included items about Facebook, BuzzFeed and Taboola.

As usual, as part of our trawl through BuzzSumo, we extracted and binned the how-to list articles.

Taboola and Disqus – 407 shares

Taboola has signed a content delivery deal with comment platform Disqus. In the event you don’t use Disqus, it is a powerful site plugin allowing users to debate content.

Potentially it is a massive move for Taboola, expanding its reach to millions of sites. It will come as default with an option to switch it off via settings. So, who gets the money for any traffic? Another question: what happens to the exclusivity arrangement if you also have Outbrain plugged in?

Drop in Facebook traffic – 754 shares

Following Facebook’s announcement that it is loosening the rules on branded content, Digiday brought out this piece titled Uh-oh, some publishers see a drop in Facebook traffic.

Essentially, one analytics company said Facebook referrals are down by 20 per cent for its clients. And this is despite recent research that showed around a quarter of site referrals come from the social network.

Two interesting points. Firstly, the biggest drop was for Instant Articles. Two, the company was speaking anonymously for fear of getting on the wrong side of Facebook.

The BuzzFeed method – 443 shares

Ok, this is a bit of a how-to after all. However, it is a good one. Moz has run some interesting research on BuzzFeed and how it tailors content to specific social networks.

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