UK general election 2015: who is creating highly-ranked content?

The result of the 2015 general election is far from certain, and consumer issues such as energy costs, property prices and healthcare are high up the agenda for all political parties. Companies have three months to produce inspiring content which allows them to debate the issues with customers and readers. Here are some businesses and charities publishing highly-ranked content already:


National Grid has created a space on its website called Future Energy Scenarios, which ranks second on a Google search for “energy prices, UK general election”. The company presents its expectations for how different policy decisions and the impact of outside factors such as economic growth, will affect demand for energy in the UK and what this will mean for its customers, the power companies.

Property market

The so-called Mansion Tax, a tax on properties worth more than £2m, is one of the most concrete issues separating the parties – Labour want to introduce one, the Conservatives do not. While uncertainty prevails, Manchester-based financial advisory firm Pareto has devoted a page of its website to explaining the plans for the tax and what it would mean for customers’ property investment plans. The content ranks fourth on Google search for ‘how will a mansion tax affect me’, below three national news organisations but no other financial advisors.


Further reform of Britain’s high street banks to make them more competitive and therefore more useful to the small businesses they are meant to serve, is one of the election pledges sought by the Federation of Small Businesses. The top Google search result for “bank help for small businesses” is a dedicated section of Barclays’ website on small business support, which has sections on generating new business and legal advice, as well as the services the bank offers.

Charitable sector

With the NHS proving one of the key election issues, The King’s Fund, a charity which researches and analyses health and social care policies, has an election tracker on its website, setting out the main policy announcements so far and key events to come, such as the Budget next month. This is the kind of useful, non-party political content businesses could be producing for their sector.

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