UK house prices: whose content ranks best?

Amy Wilson says non-news organisations do very well in a Google search on the hot subject of UK property prices, accounting for six out of the nine top results. Good content marketing can help your business join them.

Of the top nine Google search results for UK property prices (a subject which returns a hefty 11 million results), only three are for news websites.

For a subject the nation is so obsessed with, and which appears in the media virtually every day, this is surprising. It shows that expert industry voices such as Zoopla, Rightmove and the Land Registry are trusted enough for consumers not to seek the mediation of journalists.

Easy-to-use data seems to be one of the key factors in making your business or organisation a trusted voice on the subject of property. In terms of content marketing, as a company working in the industry you could do worse than look at your own transaction figures for interesting trends you could share with your customers and potential customers.

If you rent out flats in central London or warehouse space in Glasgow, what you do week in, week out produces a picture of the property industry which buyers, sellers and investors want to read about. And you have the added advantage of writing about a subject that virtually every adult in the country is interested in, whether or not they have the slightest intention of buying a house.

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