Use tech to make it not show it

Hyatt Hyatt's Spectacles ad

Sometimes it’s too early for a great idea. A good example of this is Google Glass. On paper it looked like the Next Big Thing and came out just as wearables were being hailed as the future. However, we all know what happened.

The latest attempt at eyewear comes from Snapchat with its Snapchat Spectacles product. In a nutshell, it’s a pair of glasses that allows you to take pictures and movies and post them directly to the company’s site.

The content can be uploaded via a Bluetooth connection to your mobile. In theory, it can be done without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

And at around $100, it is way cheaper than Google Glass while enabling users to do some of the same things.

Moreover, brands are looking at using them for content.

Hyatt and others

Hotel chain Hyatt produced a video that aired during the Oscars last weekend. It showed eight employees wearing the spectacles as they went about their daily routines.

It was called Seeing Through the Eyes of Others and was shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Additionally, GrubHub – a service in the US that delivers food from independent restaurants – produced a similar video using its Chicago delivery drivers.

Key factors

What is key to this development is that the spectacles themselves are easily affordable. It is also a simple concept. Whereas Google Glass appeared slightly cumbersome in terms of battery life and how they worked.

It is early days yet for Spectacles, but the fact that brands are getting involved – even if only to use them to produce standard video – is a good sign. That’s how traction starts.

Does this mean that virtual reality is likely to take off soon? Prices are coming down on that, too. Maybe the crucial difference here is that Spectacles was used to produce the content rather than just watch it.

Maybe that is the point. Instead of waiting for new technology to revolutionise what people can see, you should use it to produce new content for existing channels.

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