How useful is LinkedIn for B2B content marketing?

slideshare screenshot LinkedIn Slideshare, an excellent place to share presentations and videos for Linkedin B2B content marketing

The short answer is Linkedin B2B content marketing could be very useful. Note the italics. As with any social media channel, you only get back what you put in. Or, more to the point, you have to think about what you put in, put it in… and then reap your rewards.

If there is a clincher, it is the average follower/like count for B2B companies on LinkedIn compared to Facebook, Twitter and friends.

According to B2B marketing agency Capterra, it is estimated (using Google Analytics) that the average number of followers for companies on LinkedIn is 109,000.

This compares with 34,000 on Facebook, 18,000 on Twitter and 3,000 on Instagram.


The question is how to get your content out there. Firstly, you must create a company page and use it to share any content you have created on your site.

Ultimately, you should post at least once a day. Also, look at other changes such as regularly rotating your header image.

Think about using some of LinkedIn’s other channels – SlideShare, for example, which allows users to post presentations, videos and short content.

Additionally, there is LinkedIn’s own publisher platform for long-form posts and content.

Paying for Linkedin B2B content marketing

Of course, you can grow your presence organically, but sponsored posts are the EPO of social.

LinkedIn’s acquisition of ad plaform Bizo last year has enabled it to offer increased targeting and re-marketing (running follow-up ads on other platforms).

Moreover, LinkedIn offers a form of sponsored content that allows you to target a particular group and put content in their feed without the need to put it on your company page.

Targeted posts allow you to test headlines and images for better outcomes on your actual page.


Without doubt, LinkedIn is making itself the B2B network of choice. And used correctly, it can be a potent force. Whether it can keep pace with its users’ needs and what is happening with Facebook remain to be seen.

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