Who is using UK house prices to produce great content?

Construction companies, mortgage lenders and property advisers work with people buying and selling real estate every day. Amy Wilson says their expert content attracts a wide audience, and your company could join them.

In addition to being as addictive as crack, the property search site Rightmove is a shining example of how to set your business up as a respected industry commentator. No longer just a place to look at houses for rent or sale, the company publishes reports on property market trends, offers a price comparison service and all kinds of advice to users of its website. It comments on how the hot news topics of the day might affect house prices, for example this story on Scottish independence.

All this has raised its profile to such an extent that a Google search on Rightmove returns 4.38 million results.

Mortgage lenders are also getting wise to the idea that buying a house is a fraught time filled with questions and uncertainty for everyone involved, and HSBC, Nationwide and Halifax all have pages of their websites devoted to first-time buyers. All three appear on the first page of Google search results for “first time buyers”.

Insurers too have stepped into the advice arena, with both Aviva and the AA offering checklists for viewing and buying houses (and again Rightmove has one of these). The AA and Rightmove’s guides both rank higher than the one published by the consumer advice service Which?.

Which other industries could get in on the act of speaking directly to this large and engaged audience? Lawyers working in conveyancing, or tax and inheritance experts; businesses connected to the reasons people buy houses where they do have useful information to offer; and companies directly linked to people’s desire to buy, sell or revamp a house such as interior designers and landscape gardeners can use content marketing to show they are on top of property market trends in their area.

Content marketing, or using your own website and social media channels to publish expert views from within your company, gives your business the chance to add its voice to the house price conversation and increase brand awareness. You can use the enormous amount of interest in house prices and buying and selling property more broadly, to build a loyal audience.

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